Sunday, September 22, 2013

Make your own style

There is no better way of stamping your own style and personality on an item of clothing, than creating a unique design that can be applied to show off your creativity. At Dazzlewear, they have a range of rhinestone transfers and motifs, which can transform your clothing and accessories. Starting with accessories is a fun and easy way to begin branding your own items, so they will begin with giving you some hints and tips on how to design your own bag.

First choose the bag you are going to be working on, and check that the material is able to take the heat from an iron as this is how you will affix the transfers or motifs. This doesn't have to be a brand new item. It can be one of your old bags that needs a new look, or a bargain you have picked up from a vintage or charity shop. One of the easiest design ideas is to have your initials on a clutch purse and Dazzlewear are happy to personalise any motif for you. Then using your hot iron, simply place the initials in the middle or top of the accessory, iron on and peel back the transfer, and you have an exclusive personalised bag.

For special occasions such as weddings, you could add a hearts or flower motif to complement the theme of the day. You may also want to organise some printed bags to give to the bride’s mother and new mother in law, along with the bridesmaids with their initials and the date of the wedding as a thank you. If you have been invited as a guest, then check the colour scheme for the day and jazz up your outfit with a bag that has a unique rhinestone pattern on in the same colours.

Often, the up to the minute fashion accessory is quite costly, but you can check out the magazines and internet to get an idea of the latest craze. Then with a bespoke transfer you can achieve the look for a fraction of the price. Recently rhinestone Union Jack shapes have been very popular or you could create your own version of the American Stars and Stripes.

During the summer months when the Festival season is upon us, sporting embroidered bags becomes a common sight. Imagine putting your own eye catching and sparkling design to this accessory, and you will certainly attract everyone's eye. If you are going to create an "embroidered" look to your bag, then try spiral shapes radiating out from the centre, or stars and moon designs, measure up the area you have to work on and make a rough design on paper first.

If your bag has embroidery on it, you can look to placing single or small groups of rhinestones in and around the current pattern. Whatever ideas you have, then Dazzlewear are keen to hear from you. If you cannot find what you want in the bespoke designs, contact them and start designing.

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