Saturday, September 07, 2013

Platinum Albums, Perfume for Women and More: Why We Love Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has probably done it all – multi-platinum albums, numerous awards music awards, tried acting, developed perfume for women, and got into celebrity relationships. Despite her being on top of her game since 2006, we still find Taylor adorable, talented, and down to earth. There are a lot of reasons why we love her and we’re counting them down right here.

Multiple awards in her singing career
At an early age of 14, Taylor swift has been writing her own songs and composing great music. Her love for country music is inspired by her own experience in life and in love. She’s written and performed songs which became popular all over the globe: “You Belong with Me”, “Love Story”, “Teardrops in my Guitar”, “Back to December”, and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” to name a few. At only 23, Taylor has bagged numerous awards including 12 Billboard Music Awards, 11 American Music Awards, and 7 Grammy Awards. She earned $57 million of total earnings in 2012 and currently owns 4 huge houses, 1 private jet and 1 airport hangar. Now that’s what you call living the life of the rich and famous!

Positive public image
Remember how young, female stars gain too much publicity due to uncontrollable partying, drugs and drinking, and just plainly living the life of a wasted celebrity? If anyone could carry a beautiful face and a polite attitude, that’s got to be Taylor Swift. Never has she sashayed into public disgrace and she remained a positive influence and inspiration to younger girls. When picking her outfit whether for a casual day, a stage performance, or a red carpet appearance, she never fails to look prim and proper and elegant: right hair, perfect makeup. She’s one of the best-dressed celebrities today.

Intriguing relationships
She’s young, beautiful, and she has a promising career ahead of her, yet an A-star celebrity wouldn’t be that interesting without some intrigues. When it comes to her love life, Taylor Swift is known to have short-lived romances in the dating world. She’s dated Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Connor Kennedy and the last one to date, Harry Styles. It’s no secret that Taylor has been writing award-winning songs about her exes, particularly John Mayer. A talented girl like her would always need a source of inspiration, don’t you think?

Acting career and other opportunities outside music
Aside from her throne in country music, Taylor Swift also ventured into different career opportunities. She went on an acting stint with the film “Valentine’s Day” where she met Taylor Lautner. She is also the voice behind the character Audrey in “The Lorax”. Like any other celebrity, Taylor also expanded her name through perfume brands. She created a perfume for women that men loveWonderstruck in a purple bottle and Enchanted Wonderstruck in a red one. Both are packaged in vintage, dreamy bottles yet both are enchantingly fruity and charming.

A woman of grace and talent all in one sexy, beautiful, country girl - that’s why we love Taylor Swift.

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