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The Impact of Technology on Fashion Today

There is more to technology than computers and the Internet. When people think of technological innovations, focus is often placed on these aspects as if change can only happen to gadgets and other thingamajigs. Today's technology has largely impact most, if not all, aspects of our society. One important effect that it has provided is on the fashion industry. Fashion clothing, fashion bags, fashion accessories, and everything that involves the fashion industry are greatly influenced by developments and innovations in technology. From automation of production to designing, marketing, inventory, and selling, has continually shaped up man's view on fashion as we know today.

Automated Production and Fast-Paced Turnaround

One notable effect that technology has on fashion is in its production. Fashion clothing or fashion bags and accessories are considerably affected by current developments in textile industry innovations. Gone are the days where production, information and order processing, designing, and distribution are done on hand. Most textile companies that make way for those designer bags, clothes, belts, shoes, and other fashionable finds are going automated as a means to cut cost and speed-up production and in connecting with suppliers, vendors, retailers and distributors. This somehow hastens and eases the way information are exchanged creating a huge window of opportunity to meet customer demands on time.

As technology become more automated, designing and discovery of new fabric, design or style is also becoming more fast-paced. Think about digital textile printing, creation of synthetic fibers, development of "Formotion" clothing technology, improvement in safety clothing such as sweat-wicking or fire retardant garments, and creation of "super suits" like that of NASA's Aerogel. These and a lot more is slowly shaping-up a fashion industry that centers on innovative design and fast turnaround.

Online Technology and Fashion Marketing

Parallel to its impact on production, technology has also advanced the marketing aspect of fashion clothing, bags, accessories, and the likes. People today are becoming highly dependent on visual communication and marketing. The Internet plays a significant role on this particular aspect. New styles and trends are easily brought out online to lure trendsetters and go-getters. A single post on Facebook alone can easily increase awareness about new trend in fashion clothing or bags design creating a huge wave of demand over it.

Fashion cycle nowadays largely involve the Internet. Styles are easily introduced online and at least costly means, too. It can be both and good, though. As a fashion clothing, fashion bags or any fashionable aspect easily gets accepted by the general population this will easily fizzle. By the time a certain "look" was creating a frenzy in the market, designers are already working on a new set of style. This somehow shortens the fashion cycle making competition stiff and highly volatile.

Influence on E-Commerce and Retail Technology

Aside from production and marketing, there is also a great deal of effect on selling and distributing of fashion clothing, fashion bags and accessories, and the likes. A technologically advanced e-commerce and retail technology have considerable impact on all sides of the market - designers, manufacturers, buyers and sellers. Fashion designers and stylists, distributors, merchandise managers, and retail buyers make use of apps, software and other online aspects that easily give them access to current trends and demands on a just-in-time basis. Brick-and-mortar retail aspects also enjoy easy determination of sales, demands and supplies as programs are developed to easily keep track of these aspects. This creates a cohesive approach in strengthening business strategies and procedures.

Indeed, technological improvements in the last decade or so have continually delivered profound advances in the fashion industry. Today, more and more companies, designers, buyers and sellers embrace technology in handling their day-to-day fashion requirement. With such promising impact on fashion clothing, fashion bags and accessories, and other aspects of fashion and style, it cannot be helped to expect more changes, developments, and surprises in the years to come.

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