Friday, September 20, 2013

The Must-Have Items for the Fashionable Salesman

The days of salesmen wearing a tradition black suit are over, so if you want to be a fashionable salesman, consider switching your dressing habits if you are wearing the less modern salesman outfit. That's not to say suits are not fashionable, but you often see salesmen wearing the types of suits that don't fit them, and that have fat ties. As a salesman, it is your job to look professional, and there are several ways you can do that by adding a few elements of style to your wardrobe. This can help increase the amount of respect people have for you in your decision-making abilities, and make you more relatable.
Knowing Which Tie to Wear
Skinny ties are in. If you are still wearing a grandpa tie, stop. A skinny tie will help you to look your most fashionable, and it is a key component to a modern-looking suit. The skinny tie gives off an aura of professionalism, while also showing that you have an idea about fashionable guy stuff. Even if you are an older salesman, you can relate more to the younger generation by wearing a skinny tie that could make them say, "Hey, you've got style." Once they respect your tie, they might respect you, and they could respectfully accept whatever you are selling.
Shoes that Match Your Clothes
If you are wearing a dark colored suit, do not wear light colored shoes. Even though black does go with a lot of items, a black pair of pants will not match white shoes, or even light brown shoes. Make a commitment to match the tone of all of your clothes. That does not mean you need to wear the same color of everything, but if one item is much darker, or lighter, than the other items you are wearing, you may need to take a step back and open your shoe closet. If you have trouble matching colors and tones, don’t be afraid to ask someone for help. You probably have a friend who’s been waiting for the day you finally break down and ask for some advice!
A Pair of Glasses Has Many Benefits
Glasses have become fairly fashionable. Make sure you are wearing glasses that are made by a designer brand, or at least look like they were. Glasses that look expensive (even if they’re not) are always more impressive. The traditional type of glasses with round, thick rims are not something a fashionable salesman would wear. Instead, smaller lenses with thin rims are in style. Even some thicker black rims with more of a square shape are popular among the fashionable. Furthermore, glasses make you look smarter. If the person you are selling to thinks you are smart, they might respect you more, and make that purchase. Adding a few fashionable components to your outfit will not only make you look good, and perhaps make people want to talk to you, but it will also make you feel better about yourself. Part of being a great salesman is having confidence in whatever you are selling, and if you have confidence in yourself, then you are likely to have confidence in the items you are selling. And that could lead to more sales.
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