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Tips For Safe Skin Lightening to Treat Pigmentation and Dark Spots

The skin, and especially the delicate skin on the face, is vulnerable to all sorts of abuse from the outside world. Pollution, harsh weather and everyday wear and tear all have their effects on the skin and can make it look old before its time. Having an uneven skin tone or dark marks and blemishes can really ruin self confidence, so many people look into skin whitening as a solution.
You can buy many skin whitening creams over the counter, and they can be used to mask the effects of the sun, lighten dark spots and can even help to diminish the appearance of some scars or blemishes. It is easy to find a good skin lightening cream, but you should always take care with any product that promises to bleach your skin-by the very nature of bleach, it is not going to be a gentle product!
Skin whitening creams can have a good effect on the overall appearance of the skin, and can make it look lighter, more even and toned. This can make the face look younger and brighter, and as such will improve self confidence-but it is wise to bear in mind that skin lightening is not a long term solution.
Some of the ingredients can actually be harmful to the skin, and it is wise to always look through the ingredients. Keep an eye out for creams containing Hydroquinone; this ingredient has been banned in France, due to its potential carcinogenic properties. Some skin whitening creams also contain Mercury in either an active form or as Mercuric Chloride-this can cause brain and liver damage.
Although skin whitening can be a good solution to old, tired looking skin, it is wise not to use it as a regular part of your beauty regime as it can be damaging in the long term. Skin whitening processes can also thin the skin, causing bruising, stretch marks and exposed capillaries, and in extreme cases overuse of skin whitening products can cause Ocronosis, a condition where the skin becomes very dark as the pigments fall into the lower layer of the epidermis. This is exactly the opposite of what you wanted when you started out with skin creams, and it can be a hard condition to treat.
Skin whitening creams should only be used to treat dark marks or problem areas on the skin, not over the whole face. Some users report an uneven skin tone when the product is used all over the face-simply treat the darker areas and leave the rest.
Ageless Derma produce a range of skin treatments which are safe and effective-have a look through their range of products before you buy elsewhere, and you will find the perfect product for your individual needs.
It is always a good idea to consult with a doctor before you start using a skin whitening cream, to check out the areas you want to lighten and to keep an eye on your general health.
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About the authorDr. Farid Mostamand is Author of Ageless Skin Obsession and Founder of Focus Medical Spa
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