Saturday, September 14, 2013

Trendy Glasses For Work Or The Weekend

Glasses are one of the hottest accessory trends available today. They’re so hot in fact, even people with 20/20 vision are eagerly snatching up non-prescription glasses, just to be able to participate in the geek-chic trend. While we couldn’t agree more that this is an extremely wearable and versatile trend, what about those of us who are low on funds and need a prescription, but want to look a little geek-chic ourselves? In other words, we need flexible options that are appropriate for work, but are just as socially acceptable for the weekend. Fortunately there are loads of styles that allow you to be frugal and trendy all at the same time.

Tortoise shell spectacles and sunglasses are getting a huge amount of attention right now. The typically neutral hued glasses come in tones that characteristically look good with just about any skin tone and because they are offered on just about any silhouette, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a style that looks good on you. Since the patterns aren’t over the top, these are great glasses to wear to work with trousers, button down shirts and cute flats, but will go well with typical weekend garb of skinny jeans, a vintage graphic tee and killer stilettos as well.

Cateye glasses are certainly trendy options that, although edgy, work well in office settings. Even if your office is on the conservative side, because of their extremely classic roots, this silhouette will still get a pass. Pair them with an A-line skirt, red lips and simple pearl earrings and a necklace to form an outfit with a strong nod to the 1950’s. Of course, these will look great with more modern musings as well, such as a wide leg pant and blazer. Without a doubt, cateye frames are perfect for the weekend as well, so purchase these with ease, knowing you will get your use out of them.

Unlike any other frame right now, thick framed glasses have rose to the top of accessory trends, with their geek chic guises and mod-retro looks. While at your job it might not be appropriate to go for oversized thick framed lenses, there are plenty of other options that encompass the same look while still being practical for the office. Instead of choosing a thick frame with a super large lens, opt instead for a thick frame with an average to smaller lens. While keeping you sharp for the office, this option will also keep you chic for the weekend, without the need to purchase an additional pair.

Another option that works well for both work and weekend are ombre frames, especially when the color fades from one neutral to another, but possibly even from a bright color to a neutral. Selecting trendy yet appropriate glasses for work can be challenging but the reality is, there are plenty of options available at Just make sure the majority of the coloration is a neutral and that the frames aren’t overpowering or overwhelmingly large.

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