Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Wet and Wild! How I Used Swimming and Curb To Get Ready for Summer

Because swimming uses so many muscles, it provides an excellent workout, which can help you to burn calories and build muscles. There's a reason why so many of those Olympic swimmers have svelte bodies! Of course, if you jump in the pool during the winter months, you'll look great when summer rolls around and you want to put on that bikini.

Swimming is a good way to get your heart pumping without putting strain on your bones or joints, which is why doctors recommend this activity for sufferers of sciatica and other conditions that result in bone and joint pain. This is because water neutralized gravity. While activities such as running are great for burning calories, but it's also hard on your joints because of the impact of your feet hitting the ground. Furthermore, you can swim for longer without feeling exhausted as quickly as you would after going for a run.

For real results, however, you should pair exercise with diet. Cutting out excess calories, sugars and fats can help slim your waistline, while adding an appetite suppressant like Curb can help you shed those final few pounds to look and feel your best. Weight loss pills, like Curb appetite suppressant, can help you feel full for longer and block fat from staying in your body, so you're not gorging on unnecessary calories. Similarly, eating lean protein can help you to feel fuller longer, which is something that processed foods lack. When every calorie that you intake offers energy for your body, you won't have to eat as many calories or expel as much waste.
The low impact of swimming makes it ideal no matter what condition you might in. Start easy if you're not accustomed to exercising, and add more time to your swimming workouts as you feel yourself becoming stronger. The resistance of water makes swimming a better activity for burning calories than comparable amounts of other exercise.
Swimming has become easier for you to do, even if you don't have your own pool. Many housing communities have a communal pool. You'll find a pool at the local YMCA and gyms, but the price for a public pool is often worth it if you don't have a membership anyplace that has a pool. With over 300,00 public pools in the United States, there's little excuse not to head to the pool. During the warm months, hit up the local lake or oceanfront for a swim in natural water
Swimmers should note that shedding fat and replacing it with muscle can actually result in weight gain. However, the scale will be showing an increase in lean muscle weight, and you'll be able to see this muscle easier as swimming tones your body.
Although you might be spending plenty of time in the water, it's important to remember to hydrate. Drinking plenty of water keeps you healthy and is also an important to losing weight. Ice water can especially help you feel refreshed on a hot day. Water all keeps your muscles in tip-top shape, which you'll need when you swim on a daily basis.
Of course, if you love swimming, you won't stop once you've reached your goal weight. You'll keep swimming because it feels good, keeps you looking younger and allows you to remain strong during your everyday life.
About the authorAndrea Akers can swim a mile in 22:48 and is an assistant coach to the olympic swim team.

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