Saturday, October 19, 2013

Thai Fashion: The Best Places to Shop in Phuket

Shopping is one of Phuket’s main attractions, and thankfully the city offers a wide range of fashion outlets as well as a great variety of sales. In actual fact, some of the best places to shop can be found away from the tourist resorts. Whether you’re looking for electrics, fabrics or shoes, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find an amazing deal in Phuket Town, and many of the shopping areas include open-air food markets, street stalls, noisy night markets, local shops and up market specialist shops. If you’re thinking about travelling to Phuket this year, and want to know the best places to find a bargain, here are some of the top markets and attractions.
Central Festival Phuket
This is an air-conditioned and fully equipped one-stop shopping mall located just outside of Phuket town. It is regarded as the shopping hub of the island, and it hosts over 120 outlets selling products such as sushi and silk, laptops, books and barbecues! Tourists can also spend time here seeing the latest movies, or dining at the international hotels offering French and Japanese cuisine. This facility even has underground parking for those who come with their vehicles.
Phuket Weekend Market
This market is located along the Chao Fa West Road, and tourists will be able to take advantage of some amazing deals, including secondhand goods, pirated items, fabrics and local food. Even if you’re not looking to buy anything, the Phuket Weekend Market is an experience like no other, and you’ll be introduced to a part of Thai culture you wouldn’t usually see!
This market is also divided into two, the covered and open section. In the covered section, tourists can find second hand items such as t-shirts, jeans, and souvenirs such as handmade carvings. In the new section, there are many stalls selling mobile phones, DVDs and CDs, shoes, watches, fluffy toys, bags, and electronics.
Phuket Indy Market
Phuket Indy Market is located on Dibuk Road, and teenagers and young adults alike come to enjoy themselves with live performances from vendors, including traditional Thai dance! This market is small and it consists of one lane along Limelight Avenue. It takes around 15- 20 minutes to walk around all the stalls, and some of the goods on display include flip-flops, jeans, ladies bags and shoes. One of the highlights of Phuket Indy Market is that there are some great deals to be found, and generally prices are very low. Furthermore, if you would like a special souvenir made, be sure to check out the artist booths, and there are also many delicious and cheap snacks available.
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Jungceylon Shopping Mall
This shopping mall is located downtown, opposite Bangla road. The two main stalls at this mall are Robinson and Big C supermarket, with Robinson being an upmarket department store with over 200 individual shops! Some of the goods sold here include clothes, cosmetics, shoes, computer games, sunglasses, mobile phones and electrical goods, and there’s even Cinema halls and a 16-lane bowling alley.
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