Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas Proposal Ideas

Most little girls dream of their wedding day but adult women daydream about the proposal. A romantic proposal begins with the right ring which can be a harrowing experience if you are unprepared.
It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the 4C’s (cut, color, carats and clarity) before going ring shopping. Knowing the type of metal you want should considerably reduce the amount of time you will need to find the perfect ring for your loved one. If you are undecided as to what metal you should be shopping for, you should note that each type of metal (platinum, gold, white gold, sterling) has their own pros and cons. A good jeweler will be able to talk you through each one and provide you with the information that you need in order to make the right decision. 
So, you’ve got the perfect engagement ring and have decided Christmas is the right time to propose. Why not take a cue from the following ideas.
1. Your love is as unique as a snowflake. So why not purchase a shiny snowflake ornament for the Christmas tree and slip the ring around the hook just before placing it on the tree? That’s romantic.
2. If you want to propose in front of the family, Christmas dinner is the perfect time to do so. You could hide the ring in a Christmas cracker, and she will surely get a big surprise when a diamond ring falls on to her lap! Many families choose to order Chinese food on Christmas Eve as it eliminates the hassle of having to cook and clean up. If this is something that your family does on Christmas Eve, you could have the ring placed in a fortune cookie with a fortune that asks “Will You Marry Me?”
3. If you’ve had a long courtship with your partner that has seen its share of bumps along the way, you could fill a stocking with sweet, romantic surprises like a matchbook from the place you went on your first date or a cd with your favourite song on it etc. Everyone knows that diamonds are formed as a result of coal after a lot of pressure and time. You could give your loved one a lump of coal that opens up to reveal a stunning diamond. You may want to attach a note that says something like “We’ve survived the pressures and tests of time, let’s begin anew and let our love shine bright.
4. Use Christmas lights to write the words “Marry Me?” on the wall of a room. Keep the lights low and ask her to come and help you wrap some last minute gifts. Have a few props like wrapping paper and presents there to make the scenario all the more believable. Have the box that contains the ring hidden away in a half wrapped state. After she’s begun wrapping something, hand her the box in question and ask her to finish wrapping it as you’re having difficulty with it. As she begins to finish wrapping the box, tell her you’ll give her some more light by flipping on the switch to illuminate your proposal on the wall as she unknowingly holds her ring in her hand.
You know your partner better than anyone else. If she is quiet and private, keep the proposal to yourselves and plan it accordingly. And if she’s the type of person that loves to have her friends and family around, you should make the proposal a big family affair and celebrate together afterwards. 
Orla Nolan is a freelance blogger based in Dublin, Ireland. She writes on behalf of several Irish businesses including Stonechat Jewellers.