Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Could a Daisy Flower Extract Lighten Your Dark Spots?

The Californian-based skincare company Ageless Derma, recently discovered the benefits of Belides as a skin whitening ingredient and have incorporated it in its Anti-Ageing Intensive Skin Brightener cream. Belides, a daisy flower, has a prohibiting effect on the skin’s ability to produce melanin (tone and pigment) which have been proven to lighten the skin.
The decision by Ageless Derma to incorporate Belides into its skin brightening cream is excellent and long awaited news to individuals seeking to naturally reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and age spots, as this revolutionary cream is derived from natural ingredients and includes no toxic components which will make it a lot safer to use than a lot of other brands.
Scientific research has proved the ability of Belides to naturally whiten the skin and to reduce the advent of freckles, skin tone disorders and age spots significantly while effectively lightening any skin type; even the most sensitive skin types! Belides effectively inhibits the discharge of tyrosinase, an enzyme that regulates the production of melanin (skin pigmentation that causes discolouration). It is produced by daisy flower blossoms that grow uninhabited.  Belides in Ageless Derma’s skin brightening cream is naturally preserved which means no dangerous toxic components are present in its development.
A scientific study conducted in Germany confirmed that Belides has the ability to decrease the production of tyrosinase in the skin by approximately 50%. It also aids in the effective prevention of the effects of skin hyper pigmentation and several other skin tone problems. Belides has been clinically tested and confirmed to provide positive skin lightening results after four weeks of continuous and correct applications. This all-natural ingredients is therefore a valuable addition to the skin lightening cream of Ageless Derma, as it also host the capability to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes, making it a highly desired product in the fight against anti-ageing skincare.
Dark spots are more commonly known as age spots, and frequently appear on the skin of individuals over forty years of age. However, any individual of any age can suddenly experience the presence of age and dark spots, which are often caused by the harmful UV rays. Exposure to the UV rays happen when we bathe in the sun, use tanning beds in salons, or generally spend a lot of time outdoors without protecting the skin with a high-quality UV sunscreen.
Many individuals have searched high and low for an effective skin lightening cream to diminish the appearance of unappealing age spots and the effects of hyper pigmentation on the skin. Many bleaching solutions have to date, not been safe for use by all skin types and has caused a lot of damage as it contained a lot of toxic chemicals including parabens, mercury and hydroquinone. Ageless Derma manufacture it’s Skin Brightening Solution without the combination of toxic components, but rather incorporates all-natural ingredients such as Belides as an effective skin whitening agent that is safe to be used on all skin types.
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Desiree Johnson, Licensed Esthetician