Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Five of the Best Winter Fashion Tips To Look Stylish

Winter is a difficult to season to maintain your fashion sense because you are more concerned about staying warm when the temperatures drop. You might find yourself donning the thickest and puffiest coat you can find just to keep the cold at bay. Thankfully, though, there are quite a few ways to go about still looking fashionable even in the coldest weather. Continue reading below for five of the best winter fashion tips to prepare you for the coldest months of the year:

Colorful Scarves are a Must

Looking for a way to keep your neck warm while still maintaining a great look without having to don a thick and embarrassing turtleneck sweater? The easy solution is a beautiful and colorful scarf that you can wrap around your neck in myriad ways to suit your wardrobe for the day before heading out the door. Then feel free to leave it on when you arrive at your destination, whether it is work or a party, because today's stylish scarves also make a great accessory that actually completes an outfit. 
Long Peacoats Can Replace Bulky Jackets
A dramatic peacoat that runs down your body to about your thighs or, even more strikingly, your calves, is the perfect way to keep the cold winds off your body without having to wear a bulky coat. There are so many colors to choose from, so feel free to purchase more than one for the upcoming winter season so that you always have a color available that complements the rest of your outfit for whatever it is that you have planned.
For Parties, You Can't Go Wrong with a Sweater Dress
For winter parties, a great wardrobe choice would be a classic sweater dress. Not only will it keep you warm, but it will hug your curves and make you look sexy. Pair your favorite dress with dark, opaque stockings that are also perfect for the season and provide extra warmth.
Don't Forget Your Sunglasses
Just because it's winter certainly doesn't mean that you can, or that you should, go outside without a good pair of sunglasses on. The sun's rays can be just as harsh during the winter, so it is important to protect both your skin and your eyes, especially when there is snow on the ground and the sun reflects off of it brightly. Browse through the best selling wholesale designer sunglasses so that you can find a stylish pair that will also protect your eyes from 100% of the sun's damaging UV rays.
Corina Mills is a freelance fashion blogger who loves providing tips on how to look great no matter what the season is. From beautiful and dramatic peacoats to lined skirts with fun patterns, there are plenty of ways that you can look warm and fashionable even during the coldest winter months.