Sunday, November 24, 2013

How Men's Eyeglasses Can Accentuate Your Fashion


In a recent survey conducted by the experts at The Vision Council of America, and estimated 75% of the United States population utilizes vision correction in one form or another. In light of this estimate, it may seem odd that the topic of men's eyeglasses is not one which is frequently discussed or written about. However, the fact remains that more men have faced the opportunity to subscribe to corrective lenses than have not. The relevancy of the topic aside, there are many advantages that glasses can have for men that lay outside the field of vision correction. The right pair of frames can do a lot to accentuate and define a person's overall sense of fashion and the image they project for themselves. There are a wide variety of choices when it comes to eye wear for men and the many styles of frame can be somewhat daunting for those who haven't had the experience of purchasing eye wear before. However, there are a few key tips and tricks which can make the selection easier to handle. They main thing to focus on when searching for that perfect pair, is your taste in style and the feature of your face that will be paired with your new frames. 
Bold or Unobtrusive?
Many are of the opinion that men's glasses ought to be as unnoticeable and unobtrusive as possible. This look can really work for some, while for others, thin wire frames merely serve to accentuate the fact that glasses are being worn. The trick is to employ the use of frames that serve to balance the features of your face, rather than simply choosing the thinnest frames possible. 
The fact is, when you are wearing glasses, people can see them. No matter whether they are thin, frame less, or semi frame lessEyeglasses that may seem unobtrusive in the local frame emporium can sometimes render a person who has a strong face less striking. An odd pairing can do a lot to throw your look out of balance. Perhaps this is why there is a more modern trend beginning to prevail which embraces the look  that thicker darker frames afford. However, it is important to note that moving too far in this direction can do equal amounts of damage if paired with the wrong face. The key is to find a pair that does not define your face and fashion, but works with it. Remember that men's eyeglasses are an accessory rather than an article of style. 
Balance of facial features and style aside for a moment, it is also important that you feel your glasses are a reflection of your personality. At the end of the day, you are going to be the one wearing them. So feeling comfortable with your choice is a vital component of the overall process. Perhaps you are bold and colorful, in which case you might want to consider frames that are equally bold and colorful. Or maybe you tend to be on the quiet side, most comfortable when you blend in—for these individuals a more traditional frame might be a good option. Then there are those who are taking their new eye wear as an opportunity to step out of their bubble and try something new. Whatever type of person you are, making sure that you like the frames you choose is vital to a long lasting satisfaction with your glasses. 
Considering the Shape of your Face
There is a basic rule of thumb when it comes to choosing the right frames for the right face. Observe your features, what do you see? What shapes is your face lacking? Is it sharp and angular or soft and round? Whatever you see, picking frames that have forms and shapes that are lacking in your face can help to balance out your features. For example, those who have a face with smooth, gentle curves, then consider getting glasses which are square or angular in shape. Taking a friend with you when trying on different frames can make the process easier and help you select the pair you will go with.
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