Thursday, November 28, 2013

How to Run a Perfect Bubble Bath

For thousands of years water has been used to soothe tired muscles and calm distressed nerves as part of the bathing process. Ancient peoples were known to also incorporate special oils infused with fragrant flowers into their bathing rituals. While simple oils have been replaced primarily by soapy bubble bath products for use during a bath, the same objective of total relaxation is still sought. Today, many seek to perfect the art of bathing through the creation of a relaxing setting and the use of luxurious bath products. This formula for running the perfect bubble bath involves the indulgence of all five senses.
Preparing The Bathing Space
When preparing to take the ultimate bubble bath, one should ensure that the bathing space is perfectly clean. A dirty or otherwise cluttered bathroom detracts from the bathing experience because most people cannot relax when they are distracted by unsightly grime. After cleaning and de-cluttering the space, one needs to arrange the room so that essentials are easily reached even while relaxing in the tub. Some of these items include wash cloths, towels, any reading materials, and maybe a square of delectable dark chocolate. Other items like a bathrobe and slippers should also be kept handy.
Creating A Relaxing Atmosphere
While enjoying a piece of dark chocolate or a refreshing fruit smoothie during a bubble bath indulges one's sense of taste, creating a relaxing atmosphere focuses on one's sense of sight, hearing, and smell. A dimly lit space accented by candlelight sometimes creates a space that helps one relax right before going to bed while a bubble filled tub bathed in bright, natural light serves to rejuvenate a person before they start their day. Music and other soothing sounds like ocean waves or waterfalls add to the relaxing atmosphere of the perfect bubble bath. It also helps if one's bathroom colours are neutral so that vibrant or muted hues can be added depending on one's mood. A great way to add beauty, colour, and fragrance to a bath area is through the strategic use of flowers. Roses of all shades are classic choices for decorating a space while exotic flowers like freesia add natural fragrance to the space.
Choosing Luxurious Bath Products
There are many factors that affect one's choice of bath products for the perfect bubble bath including season, purpose, and general mood. The summer and winter seasons create the biggest contrast in bathing choices. Summer bubble baths often include formulas with lighter fragrances and foam. These formulas are designed to work well with exfoliating scrubs and lightweight moisturisers that help to keep skin glowing while exposed to the summer sun. In contrast, winter bubble baths feature dense foam bubbles infused with humectants that contribute to the moisturising properties of the rest of the bath products used. These silken bubbles are often saturated with the chosen scent formulated to linger on the skin long after the bubble bath is over.

The purpose of drawing the perfect bubble bath is to induce sleep, renew, or refresh the bather. The bubble bath and bath foams from boutiques like Abahna and Jo Malone of London feature naturally derived fragrances that help bathers meet the above mentioned objectives. For example, Abahna's award winning Frangipani and Orange Blossom bath foam has an intoxicating fragrance that manages to calm and relax bathers in preparation for a restful night of sleep. Jo Malone's Lime, Basil, and Mandarin body wash serves to renew the senses and refresh the body. Fun bath and body retailers like Lush make hand-crafted bubble bath bars that creatively provide scent and moisture to one's bath.


Bubble baths are fun, relaxing, and overwhelmingly enjoyable during all seasons. However, running the perfect bubble bath has a lot to do with the atmosphere of the bathing area and the quality of the bath products used. Those who use superior bubble bath and bath foam products specific to the season potentially emerge from their bath with glowing skin as well as a sense of well being. 

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