Thursday, November 07, 2013

Subtle cosmetic procedures in Singapore

A heavily botoxed face and unnaturally large breasts are so passé. In 2013, discretion is the order of the day.
Savvy Singaporean women want to look good and are willing to pay the right price for it, but they don’t want to look like they’ve had anything done. Modern cosmetic procedures are so subtle that people will remark that you’re looking well, but they won’t realise that you’ve had any help…
Breast enlargement
The hourglass figure is by far the most desirable. The world’s most attractive women like Marilyn Monroe tend to have small waists, big hips and a generous bust size. For us mere mortals, however, that perfect ratio is hard to attain.
If you’re looking to achieve a curvier figure without looking out of proportion or having unnatural-looking implants, you probably don’t have to go up many cup sizes to get the desired effect. Fans of breast enlargement like Heidi Montag and Victoria Beckham are actually going down a few cup sizes ( after getting implants to look more natural while still boosting what nature gave them.
These days, surgeons in Singapore performing breast enlargement procedures are taking fat deposits elsewhere on a patient’s body, and using them to give the breast area a natural boost. The effect is subtle, without any of the complications that can come with artificial implants. Plus, you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone by getting rid of some fat in another area of your body.
Skin treatments
When it comes to looking youthful, it’s usually the texture of your skin and the size of your pores which give your age away. And if you spend a lot of time in the sun, you’re particularly prone to developing an uneven skins tone or discolouration, which can be incredibly aging.
But getting a face lift is not only invasive and risky (you don’t want to be left looking permanently surprised by life), but it doesn’t always make people look younger. And while fillers can help plump the skin and combat wrinkles, you have to be in the hands of a very experience and talented surgeon to avoid coming away with a puffy face.
Skin peels are a lot more effective. There are some drastic peels which can make a huge difference by sloughing away the dead skin cells, but be prepared to shut yourself away from the world and avoid the sun entirely as your skin sheds and heals itself. For a more subtle improvement which will have you back in public in far less time, opt for a less harsh peel, dermabrasion or a laser treatment for a more gentle exfoliating effect, without the unsightly peeling.
We’ve all seen people come back to work after a long weekend looking puffy or lacking any expression in their faces. If you don’t want the office gossiping about you may or may not have had done, ask your clinic about amore staggered approach to botox. You may have to wait a while to see results, but you can stop before you start to look unnatural.
Weight loss
So-called ‘lunchtime lipo’ is a big hit with busy professional women who simply can’t afford to book weeks off work to recover. Just make sure you choose an accredited practitioner, even you’re not going under the knife.
Non-invasive treatments that freeze fat cells or target problem areas without surgery promise to deliver great results in just a few hours, without all the bruising and swelling normally associated with liposuction.
Don’t forget your teeth!
Even with smooth-as-a-baby’s-bottom skin and the slimmest figure, your teeth could be letting you down. Smoking, not brushing regularly and drinking tea and coffee can all make our teeth yellow over the years. Speak to your dentist about a safe tooth whitening programme that will protect the enamel of your teeth while safely taking you a few shades lighter.
The authe believes that beauty comes from inside but touching up the outside is something she does consider important.