Sunday, January 19, 2014

Birth Announcement Cards

Have you ever heard of or received a birth announcement card? They are becoming an ever popular trend, even in today’s social media absorbed world. Such a card would be sent to close friends and family, and perhaps work colleagues of the new parents following the birth of their bundle of joy. The card will typically feature a picture of the new-born baby and include information such as the weight, date and time of birth and the baby’s name of course. Parents can personalise these cards whichever way they desire. They do not necessarily have to include a photo but as the cards are really sent not only as an announcement but as a keepsake, including a photograph is a good idea.

Although your local store may not yet have picked up on the trend of birth announcement cards, there are thousands available online. You can pick from ready-made designs or choose to personalise or amend the card design as you wish. You can have the online store send the cards for you on your behalf if you wish. Many parents even pre-design the card before the birth and enter recipient details so that once the new arrival appears, all they have to do is enter the name, time date and weight and upload a photograph. This saves a lot of hassle during what will no doubt be a busy period in the new parent’s lives.

Many new parents use mediums such as social media to announce the birth of their child and to share pictures of their little one. However, many also prefer to exercise privacy with the birth of a child. They may not want pictures and details of their new-born splashed across online mediums for the world to see. After all those 600 friends or 200 followers may not exactly be people you even know very well. By sending birth announcement cards, you can share the news, details and pictures of your child with those who matter, in a more private manner.

One must also remember that there are plenty of people who are not active on social media, particularly family members. By sending a birth announcement card, you can ensure that such people are not missing out on enjoying pictures and details of your new-born simply because they are not advocates of social media outlets. The cards serve as a momentous keepsake for those who matter too whereas social media posts can get lost in the mix and will be old news within hours as timelines move on. It is a nice way to thank those who have supported the parents right throughout the pregnancy and allow them to feel involved and appreciated with the birth.
So before you bring your bundle of joy into the world, organise for some birth announcement cards to be designed and ready to send upon the birth. If you do, you create a precious keepsake that recipients will forever cherish.