Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Does Laser Hair Therapy Work and If So, How?

If you’re like millions of Americans who suffer from hair loss, there’s no doubt that you’ve spent a great deal of time looking for an effective hair regrowth treatment.  Over the years, countless hair regrowth products have been advertised as ‘miracle treatments,’ but have typically proved to be anything less than miraculous in their effectiveness.  A great many men and women who suffer from hair loss have begun to lose faith in the hair regrowth industry as a result.  Still, with the rapid advancement of science and technology in recent years, it would seem to stand to reason that a genuine treatment will emerge.  More recently, laser light therapy has been introduced as a method for treating hair loss.   If you have just heard about the potential benefits of laser hair therapy, it’s likely that you’ve already asked yourself if it would be right for you.
How Laser Hair Therapy Works  

Although laser light hair therapy has not been proven to actually regrow hair, it has been demonstrated as a highly effective method of slowing or actually stopping hair loss.   Laser hair therapy has been shown to actually thicken existing hair, which can give a strong impression of hair regrowth.  Even though laser hair therapy won’t regrow hair that has been lost, since it allows the patient to keep and thicken their existing hair, which may have become thin and wispy over the years, it can lead to a highly improved appearance and even hide the fact that the patient suffered from hair loss to begin with.  This effect is achieved by giving the patient a denser head of hair, covering a larger surface area of the scalp.  Laser light therapy has been used in a variety of industries for many years, but has only become a popular method to treat hair loss in recent years.  Essentially the way laser hair therapy works is that a low level laser is used to target certain areas of the scalp.  The laser uses a special wavelength of light that helps to increase activity in the patient’s cells through the stimulation of mitochondria.   This stimulation, of what can be considered the ‘energy center’ of the cells, causes faster metabolization in the cells which in turn increases blood flow and circulation.   As the blood flow increases, helpful healing agents of the blood, such as platelets and oxygen carrying red blood cells, are pumped from the heart to the affected area at a much more rapid pace.   This process results in healthier scalp cells which allows for healthier hair to grow.   The laser used is a highly concentrated and extremely low level which allows for the effective treatment of hair loss without any concerns of adverse effects. 
Where to Get Laser Hair Therapy

If you or a loved one is suffering from hair loss or beginning to show the early signs, it’s important to get started with laser hair therapy as soon as possible.  Since laser therapy’s most prominent benefit is that of saving existing hair, the sooner you begin treatment, the more hair you will be able to hold on to.   Laser hair therapy is surprisingly affordable and is both easy and painless.  If you’ve made the decision to begin treatment, you can easily find a treatment center, where you will be directed to the treatment options that are right for you.   The John Vincent Hair Restoration Group offers a variety of home treatment options that can be started online.  You can get more information about laser hair therapy and even get started today with a quick visit to  You deserve to keep the hair you have and the confidence that comes with it.  Don’t put off treatment or it may be too late.