Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Don’t Wig Out When it Comes to Wearing a Wig

If you’ve never worn a wig before, then you probably have plenty of questions about how to wear and care for one. While you’re selecting your wigs, don’t forget to pick up some wig care products and a few wig caps. Some questions about wigs are more common, and here is a great place to start getting the answers that you need so that you can be sure that you’ll look your best in your wig.

How Do You Wash Your Wig?
How often you wash your wig will depend on how humid it is where you live and the local air quality. It’s usually best that you wash your wig after you’ve worn it anywhere from eight to 12 times.
As for the way that you wash your wig, see if your wig is made of synthetic hair or human hair in order to get the best results. For synthetic wigs, you’ll want to brush it out first before adding a tablespoon of wig shampoo to a sink full of cold water. Avoid using hot water since that can damage your wig, and avoid twisting or squeezing your wig. Instead, simply let it air dry and never use a hair dryer.
For wigs made with human hair, make sure that any product you use doesn’t contain sulfate since it can damage the hair. If you like, you can use wig conditioner on wigs made from human hair.
How Do You Style My Wig?
When it comes to styling your wig, make sure that you use a brush made specifically for wigs in order to get the best results. Never use a brush that’s made to be used on human hair, even if the wig itself is made from human hair. You can also buy wigs that you only have to use your fingertips to style. For the best results, it’s recommended that you use a simple bottle of cold water to spritz your hair in order to get rid of any static electricity buildup and to get it back to its normal style and shape.
Can You Cut Your Wig?
Not only can you cut and style your wig to your liking, it’s encouraged! By cutting your wig and working it into a new style, you make your wig your own and ensure that there’s not another wig out there that looks like yours. If you do decide to cut your wig, make sure that it’s done by a professional in order that it looks its absolute best. You should have the wig cut while you’re actually wearing it in order to get the best results.
What Activities Should You Avoid?  
You’ll want to make sure that you don’t expose your wig to extreme temperatures, which means making sure you don’t wear your wig while cooking. You’ll also want to avoid brushing your wig while it’s wet and stay away from any curling irons that aren’t intended to be used on wigs. It’s also recommended that you only use wig care products instead of anything that’s made strictly for human hair.
As a final piece of advice, make sure that you keep your wig on a wigstand or even a can of hairspray in order to keep it in good condition. 

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