Monday, March 31, 2014

Fresh Out of Bed Look Ala Felicity Jones

Is it only me or did you also noticed how Felicity Jones perfectly mastered that radiant fresh out of bed look? Okey, perhaps radiant doesn't immediately comes to mind when you say fresh out of bed but as we all know, a well rested skin gives off that glowing complexion.

But what makes Felicity Jones so different that she practically make this look so simple? Aside from the obvious, I blame it on her skinny cheek bones, the barely there makeup and of course her fine brownish black hair with a that signature bangs. Yes, the bangs! It's what's making her look so different and ethereal compared to those we've seen a million times.

She just knows how to make it look so effortless and it's something that works for her. But if you're like me who wants to achieve the same look, I suggest you use these products.