Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Photography Everyday, Everywhere

You simply cannot take a walk in the Central park of NY without seeing a team that films a scene for a movie or for a commercial. There is always a New York Commercial Photographer taking pictures of something that has to be sold or just shown to the world for the next week. This goes not only for the Central Park, basically it could happen anywhere. Professional photographers and passionate amateurs capture moments every day, everywhere. The thing is that today it is really easy to transform a moment into a memory by pushing a button. This is why we have so many great photographs, taken in different places at different times.

Photography is way more interesting today than it was 20 years ago. The globalization, the cultural exchanges and the internet made it more colorful. The social networks are full with pictures where friends from different continents hug each other or Japanese people drive German cars and drink American soda. The art of photography shows us that sometimes the whole is greater than the parts, even if the parts are of different colors and types.

Photography has the power to encompass not only tiny fractures of time, but also of space. The whole world is open for us, but it is really hard to see and experience it all, the earth is just too big. So photography basically is the little helper of the one who has an adventurous spirit of a traveler, but has no possibility to actually travel. This guy, I am talking about is far away with a click from the craziest jungle, mountain or skyscraper. Of course you cannot feel it all just by looking at a photograph, but at least you get an idea of how it is to be there.

The interaction between people that are from different parts of the world, made our lives easier and way more fun, just like photography. If you were not present at yesterday’s crazy party, there is always a photo proof of everything crazy that has been done. If you are in Europe and your friends are in Australia, they could simply send you a photograph of what are they up to now so it is easier for you to understand and imagine what is going on. Every day and everywhere professionals, friends and kids take photographs of everything they find interesting, because photography is a part of our life today,  that we simply adore.