Monday, March 24, 2014

Wearing a Dress That Fits You to a Tea

Tea length dresses are ideal for more conservative settings since they’re neither too short nor too long. A tea length dress falls between eight and ten inches and looks best when worn with either high or slight heels. They can be worn for more than just a wedding or prom. Not only will you want to learn when to wear a tea length dress, but the proper way to wear one as well. 

When and Wear 

One of the best times to wear a tea-length dress is when you’re going to a casual or semi-formal wedding. They’re great for outdoor settings and for daytime weddings as well. A tea-length dress might be a bit too short if the wedding is a more traditional or formal one. No matter what the setting or theme might be, tea-length dresses let attendants know that a wedding is both enjoyable and elegant all at once. 

A shin length dress is also the perfect choice for a prom. Longer prom gowns might be a little too expensive, and the shorter length is ideal for when you’d like to step out on the dance floor. If your prom has a vintage theme, a shin length dress will look excellent paired with a petticoat, pillbox hat, and short gloves. 

A shin length dress will also look great in the workplace, but only on an older woman since they might look a little dated and out of place on a younger woman. This type of dress is ideal for more conservative work environments and dress codes. If you do decide to wear a tea length dress at work, it will look great when paired with a sweater or blouse and either a mid-length or kitten-heeled shoes. 

Evening events are also a great time to put on a shin length dress. Gloves and high-heeled shoes are a great combination for cocktail hour. You can also wear a gorgeous tea length dress for church socials and dance parties. As for the fabric when wearing this type of dress for these occasions, you’ll want something in chiffon, brocade, silk, satin or georgette. 

Wear it Right 

Now that you have a better idea of when to wear a shin length dress, you might be interested in some ideas of how to wear it best. When you want to look your most glamorous, a tea length dress with a fitted bodice will help to better complement the volume of the bottom of the dress. Not only that, but it will also help to give you a more hourglass figure. If you’re truly going for a womanly figure, try to find a dress with a corset-like bodice. 

When it’s time to relax, slim-fitting t-shirts and tank tops are a woman’s best bet. This type of dress also has more casual styles made from lighter and free-flowing fabrics that have pleats and pockets on the dress. For more pairing ideas, choose a fitted lace blouse, t-shirt and belt, or a tank top layered with sequins. 

No matter where you’ll be wearing your tea length dress or what you’ll be wearing it with, you’re bound to look just as great as you feel.