Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Stella Tennant's Take on Menswear Inspired Fashion

If there is one model that does menswear like a second skin, it's definitely Stella Tennant. You may recognise her from numerous ad campaigns like Chanel, H&M, Zara including the recent Dior Spring Summer 2014 ad and I must say she is definitely a style icon in her own right.

Perhaps it's her unconventional look; the feather like hair, pale skin and skinny physique that even in the age of 43 she is still bringing her game on and does a stellar job at it. Her style is easily distinguished and you'd notice her wearing a black blazer and trousers on several occasions. But even with that, she also adds in a pop of colour here and there and isn't afraid to wear a dress or a skirt every once in a while. Not a lot of heels for sure, instead she wears either a pair of chunky buckled boots or an open toe sandals.