Tuesday, February 03, 2015

The Best Long Lasting Drugstore Nail Polish I've Tried

I like my nail polishes to last for at least a week but if there are times when my mood doesn't suit my nails then I change it up. Sometimes 2 to 3 but that rarely happens. Like most of you, I don't have all the time in the world. Life happens and we all get busy.

You know me, I've tried a lot of nail polishes, from indies to drugstores to high-ends and a lot of them last for at least 3 days then you'll notice a bit of chip here and there. Not a good look. So when I came across this Sally Hansen Miracle Gel over my local drugstore I knew I have to give it ago. Aside from its range of cream polishes which I love, it promises to last for at least a week and believe me it does last for that long. Your nails look pretty much like how you painted them the first time and even my sister was surprised by it.

Now I'm not the biggest Sally Hansen fan because I hate the bottle and the brush but because of this range, I'm a total convert. In case you are wondering, the shades that I have are Grey Matters, Pinky Promise and Malibu Peach.