Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What I've Learned From Traveling Alone in Paris

As you all know I went to Paris on my own last year but I haven't really shared with you about my experiences in traveling alone. Was it hard? was it scary? Yes and yes to that.

If you're like me who tends to set herself back because of fear then traveling on alone was indeed one of my biggest milestone. It took a lot of courage and perhaps a bottle of vodka to say ok! I am doing this before I set my foot out the door. But enough of rambling and let me list down the things I learned from traveling alone in Paris

  • Parisians are actually nice people. The younger ones that is. 

  • Figuring out directions is like rocket science at least to me. I can never read a map. 

  • Getting to your destination after minutes or hours of searching is the best feeling in the world. I found Kiko, Sephora and H&M and I was ecstatic

  • Remember to not use up all your cash before you're actually in the airport. I spend my last euro in Starbucks the night before and I forgot I still need to pay hotel charges. Thankfully they accept visa. 

  • It's ok to get lost. I took the train and ended up at Gare du Nord station and I told myself seconds before that I don't want to end up in that station again. I got super lost the first time and literally took me 30 minutes to figure my way out. Not kidding.

  • The sense of freedom is scary yet liberating. You decide where you want to go, eat, shop for hours and there's no need to compromise to anybody. 

Now, would I want to do it again? Maybe not anytime soon but if life presents itself for me to do so then I've learn my way through, the Parisian way.