Saturday, May 09, 2015

If Love Is All We Ever Needed To Feel

I listen.. to every sound and every word you say. It's as though I'm hearing butterflies and melodies of a song I craved to hear for so long. It feels like I'm connected with you.. for some reason I don't know. You praise me. Telling me how gorgeous I look, how talented I am. Telling me that he should have been there for me, how he should have understood what I'm going through.

You cared for me as though no one ever does. Perhaps this is what I needed… to feel loved... to feel like someone cared during the times I hated myself the most. I could ramble on and on how I hated every part of myself, how this sickness could kill my every being. How I would cry after every purge and every pain that I induced myself because I felt this is what I deserve. Yet after all that you stick with me, telling me how beautiful I am, how you won't stop reminding me of the good things I believe weren't true. If only you were real.

photo by: Stefany Alves