Sunday, June 12, 2016

Station 10291

I push myself out of bed thinking this will be another day for me to fulfil a dream or a least for the first few hours. I knew I don't want to be out there in the world where I'm not sure I belong but I do anyways. I don't have much choice in life is it or at least not now. 

I find myself out the door walking frantically to the station in hopes that I can catch it on time. Again I see the same exactly people I see everyday; a dad carrying her daughter to school, an old lady in her usual checkered tops and bottoms and a man in his suit all polished and ready to take on the world. I wonder what their thinking, what goes through their mind as they wait for that red double decker ride to come to a halt. 

The dad doesn't appear all that cheery today as I would if I have my own daughter. He seems serious and occupied with thoughts of how he can get through the day much like I am. I wonder where his wife is. I never saw her. 

The old lady who is always so calm and at peace with herself seems to be enjoying the warmth of the sun. I wonder if she plans to go to the market today or perhaps this time around she’ll opt to visit her son who has once abandoned her instead. I feel like there is so much story with her years of existence and I wish I have the guts to ask about her life. I wonder what she'll tell me. Perhaps she'll shoo me away or call the police. I would never know. 

And this man, yes the man in a suit. He is so handsome and I tend to look at him on a slight angle. I wonder what he does for a living. He seems like a banker to me. I mean the ride he takes suggest he works in a high corporate where money is boast like it's nothing, like every hundreds of dollars can just be thrown with a flick of a finger. I wonder how many women he has slept with. I bet he has broken many hearts than he intended to do. I'm not planning to be one of them so soon.

As I dwell in my own thoughts, I figured well we’re just as the same as we are different, how I hold on to a certain pride, hope and sorrow that not everyone sees and if they did they probably would have judged me anyways. Then again that's the least I care about.