Wednesday, November 30, 2016

It Brought Back All The Feels // Day .3

Today's morning pages was all about a particular aspiration I've always had for a long time. I've never gotten around to do it because my current situation doesn't allow me to and like most dreams, there's a lot at risk. But while I was jotting down my thoughts about it, my mind just probe questions and possible answers of ways I could do it. Is this really what the whole morning pages is about? I'm surprise because I'm only at day 3 and it's doing something.

On the other news, I stumble upon a stack of photographs from previous trip to Paris and can I just say that it brought back all the feels? This is one of those photographs I took and it was during autumn. It's this beautiful small garden at the back of Notre Dame and right across it is the Archbishop's Bridge or Pont de l'Archevêché as they call it in french. It's all covered in padlocks of course. I remember sitting at one of those benches and just taking it all in. It was beautiful and it will always be one of those moments I won't forget.