Sunday, November 27, 2016

Starting The Morning Pages Ritual

I have a lot of thoughts in my head lately that I felt the need to get it out. There's just so much things going on and I don't even know where to begin. Well, I kind of know but it's all over the places now. I needed an avenue where I can just spill it and not keep anything. I'm sure you're thinking well isn't this what the blog is for? But like most entries that you've read, you'd know I keep in vague for privacy reasons.

So this morning when I was browsing through Paris Letters by Janice Macleod, she mentioned about how she changed her life and it all started when she challenged herself to write 3 pages a day, every single day for 365 days in a year and blogged about it to keep her accountable. Mind you, she didn't blog the contents of her pages but rather just the gist of it and the challenges in the process.

I figured why not I do the same?

If it changes her life as well as to most people who've done this exercise, (it originally came from The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron) then I'm sure it will do the same to me. 20 - 30 minutes a day is all that's needed. I'm sure I can inject that into my daily ritual.

And while I get burned out easily, like most things I've tried, I notice that I'm more likely to keep up with things when there is a time frame involved. For example, I've done 30 days of photo challenge last January and I'm keeping up with my gratitude journal that I started about a weeks ago where I write 3 things I'm grateful for everyday.

Initially I was thinking of waiting till 1 Jan'17 to begin this journey but why wait? Why not start it tomorrow 28 Nov, Mon just as we begin the week for the next 365 days and blog about. Sounds good to me.