Wednesday, November 16, 2016

We Have To Build Memories In Life

Sometimes we stumble upon people that makes a difference in us and makes us think of what's important in life. That's what happened here on our second day in Tai Chung. A lady in her late 40s welcome us in her quaint little shop and shared with us her stories of life and travels in Spain. Initially I was listening patiently just to be polite but later did I know I got more that what I intended to do.

She did not only share with us her experiences and adventures in Spain but also her sentiments towards it. How all of these are memories she kept with her and will stay with her even long after she moved here in Tai Chung. She was even so proud that she can speak Spanish fluently that I find it amusing.

And just as I was about to believe that perhaps traveling may not change a person, her story proved me wrong and made me realise that we have to build memories in life, regardless whether it's with someone or not, and when I grow old I want to look back and say I've seen and experience as much as I could in this lifetime and that I've lived a beautiful life.