Tuesday, December 20, 2016

What I Learn Thus Far // Day .23

Little do most of you know, my attempt to veganism started a while back but failed a couple of times because I wasn't educating myself properly. I don't know why chickens are not meant to be eaten or why people could eat more calories on a vegan diet and still stay slim. (There's a science behind it.)

During that process, I learned a couple of things about myself that I could act upon to help me stick to the diet.
1. There's a lot of other foods aside from broccoli and spinach.
2. I can't eat a vegan meal more than 2x consecutively. I need variety.
3. I can't plan my food a week in advance because even before I reached mid week, I already change my mind.
4. Reading about veganism daily is like having a teacher with me that sees my progress (sees my progress I meant myself)