Sunday, December 18, 2016

Be Part Of A Community // Day .21

I find this very important when it comes to any interest. Whether you're into art or fitness, it's good to know that someone shares the same sentiments as you. Lately as you know I'm delving more into becoming a vegan. It's a slow transition and I'm doing it meal by meal. I have my reasons why I wanted to change to this lifestyle and one of the biggest struggle for me is what to eat.

As a creature of habit, I tend to eat the same food over and over till I get sick of it and end up eating some sort of meat. So when I discovered Vegan Amino app, which is essentially an app for people to share their vegan recipes and talk to each other, initially I thought why would anyone be bothered to post anything in here when there are far more important things in life. Now that I'm becoming more serious with this transition, I realise this is important because I needed that support group and to know what simple vegan foods I could eat without a long list of recipes.

If you're like me who is struggling on this transition, I suggest you check this out. I'm not being paid to share this or anything but I feel that it's important for you guys to know.