Monday, January 02, 2017

Lessons from Brooke Castillo

I was listening to a podcast recently by Brooke Castillo, the narrator of The Life Coach School and she was talking about the lessons from Jack Canfield. If you don't know him he is the famous motivational speaker and founder of Chicken Soup for the Soul. But I'm not gonna talk about him but rather what Brooke mentioned on her podcast that strikes to me. 

1. We need to decide what we want our lives to be. Do we want our lives to be an accumulation of pleasures or do we want to focus more on an accumulation of long-term successes.

2. Ultimately what I want in my life is a relationship with myself that isn't based on escaping myself.

3. Not only do I evolve the world by evolving myself, but also I help other people do that same work. I think that is the point of our lives, right, to evolve to the next version of what is possible. The people that are constantly being creative, and pursuing, and creating a life that's beyond where they are right now are the ones that evolve us.

4. Anything that's worth achieving in our lives is going to be uncomfortable.