Wednesday, May 10, 2017

To My Future Self

To My Future Self,

You are amazing and beautiful. Please don't forget that. Your faith was tested but I beg you to hold on to it. He has a better plan for you and you need to trust in that no matter how much you want to believe otherwise. Remember that your relationship with Him matters most, everything else is a blessing.

You wanted to see the world don't you? Please do and when you come back and read this, make me proud by accomplishing all of them. Life doesn't wait. Didn't you want to have wine and cheese by the river seine and experience the night life in Paris? How about taking that train to Amsterdam and visit your friend? Haven't you ever wonder what the craze is about in Lisbon and eat the best egg tart of your life? And on top of it, do all of them on your own? Let me tell you, these will be the experiences you will keep for the rest of your life so don't hold yourself back. Be brave enough to do them because you can.

Writing. Isn't that something you always have in you? Promise me you'll nurture it and never cease to do it. You've taken a break long enough and it's time to come back to it. Tell me all your adventures,  what makes you happy and what makes you sad. You'll look back on all these and remember the life that was before you, what you've accomplish and how you change for the better.