Saturday, June 17, 2017

Life As I've Imagine As Told By My 28 Year Old Self

In ode to me turning 29 in a month and half, I thought I'd write down the life as I've imagined 10 years from now according to my 28 year old self. It would be interesting to look back what my younger self had envisioned, what came true and what didn't, it hope it all comes true. So here it goes.

  • 1. I have a successful business that I'm passionate about that I can do at home.
  • 2. I'm no longer in Singapore but in another city with my beautiful family.
  • 3. Married to the most wonderful man.
  • 4. I have one baby girl.
  • 5. I have travelled to 10 new cities. 
  • 6. Managed to maintain a healthy toned body.

Not to shabby for a 10 year old dream but hey we'll see.