Saturday, June 10, 2017

Life Conversation Over Fried Rice and Dumplings

I was having conversation with my sister over fried rice and dumplings last night, a rare occasion I know, about how things are back home, what we observe around us and how each of us intends to move forward. Topics about old age and time float around and she mentioned something significant that stuck with me.

She said a decade flew by easily. I never heard of it phrased that way and suddenly I thought of all the things I wanted to do. I wanted to see the northern lights in Iceland, experience the wild life in Cape Town and visit the old town of Cuba, the list goes on.

But most importantly I want to engage in a work that I'm proud of, something that I will never cease to do in years. You see I tend to start a project and stop half way because I don't believe in it anymore. The only work I haven't stopped doing for the past 8 years is this blog. It became a platform for my thoughts and experiences, an avenue of self-expression that I kept coming back to time and time again. I guess it goes without saying if it's important to you, you will always find time.

After last nights conversation, I realise not everyone has an outlet. Some do their hobbies on the side (like I do), some pursue theirs full time like designers, photographers and chefs (I envy them) and some just have none. Perhaps I'm lucky to be one of the few to find a middle ground in hopes to pursue it in the future. If only I have a stronger sense of the skill I was gifted and the courage to do it at a drop of a hat. But I guess for now I will continue to do what I do, grow and explore other skills hidden within me and see where it goes from there. P.S. I also love expressing myself in the outfits I wore.