Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Back To Back Trips

Starting this Friday it's going to be a mad dash of travels and celebrations, well at least for a good two weeks. First stop HONG KONG! Yes I can't get enough of this city for its food and energy, literally the New York of Asia. The plan? To drink and party non-stop for 2 straight nights before flying back to Singapore. We have Lan Kwai Fong on the list and a pool party at W Hotel. Sweet! My Canadian friend is also in town so it's gonna be a blast of party and amazing people. What a way to kick of my 29th birthday.

Thereafter a short and sweet staycation to celebrate my birthday and off to Tokyo I go! A full week in the land of the sun where I'll eat my hearts out from ramen to sushi to street foods to desserts. Gosh I hope I don't gain 10lbs when I head back. Honestly, I'm just waiting for someone to ask me to go to Japan because I don't dare navigating the city on my own with the language barrier but here I am all set and ready to go. Japan I'm coming for you!