Friday, August 11, 2017

Epic Weekend In Hong Kong

I partied too much in Hong Kong. Pause… I fell sick after but I’m not going to bore you with that. Partying in Hong Kong is very different from any other city. The clubs are open till much later and there’s enough places to eat after you’ve drown yourself in alcohol at 5 in the morning. It’s enough to keep you going while you burst out your energy till the sun rises and that's pretty much what we did for 2 nights in the row. Only in the second night, we had to end the night early. Clearly, we had too much to drink.

4 - 6 Aug, Fri - Sun

The first night calls for gathering the peeps we met at random. Gab, the Mr Conyo dude who lives in Hong Kong and Francis, the Canadian guy I met a few years back who happens to be in the city for a work trip. What are the odds and here we all are at Lan Kwai Fong getting ourselves enough drinks to dance the night away, mostly gin and tonic. But what made it amazing was the Dragon-I club and catching the sunrise by the harbour with wines on hand to keep us going. Oh and we did take a ferry back to Kowloon at 6:30am. 

The second night was more eventful thus passing out too early. Pre-drinks at the hotel with the remaining Merlot from the night before, Heat Wave Party by W Hotel #showface, Ozone Bar at 118 Ritz Carlton, Port Bar then some club I forgot the name of. Too much shots and mixed of strong gin and wine killed me but the boys ain’t done yet. After heading back to the hotel at about 4:30am, say what?, they still manage to finish up the bottle of wine plus another one. I joined the conversation till 7:30am but I had to sleep for the 1pm checkout.

It was literally an epic weekend. What a way to pre-celebrate my 29th birthday.