Thursday, August 03, 2017

Happy 29th Birthday To Me

I know I'm writing this a bit early but I have time to think and I know I won't be able to pour it all out in the coming days with all the travel plans so here it goes.

I won't say my twenties has gone by quickly, in fact it was set on a phase where I slowly learned and defined my principles, values and beliefs. I learned what's important and how to value myself more than I did back then. You can say that I have grown wiser after almost a decade of unexpected events and countless experiences.

Now I allow myself to feel things and not apologize for it. To believe there's good in people regardless how often life proves you otherwise. That we shouldn't be quick to judge or tell anyone that the decisions they make in life are wrong. We're not any better than them. To always have faith and know that life meant well. You just have to trust in it.

As I enter the final year of my twenties, I want to tell myself this:
Please don't be scared. Embrace change as it comes and know that you are never alone. That there will always be someone in your life during times of need. Remember that your only real responsibility is to strive to live each day with happiness, contentment and to work hard for a promise of better tomorrow. Life is short so do as you please, you only have this time left.

PS: Every year I try to write something on my birthday just that I missed a good 3 years. But here are my 22, 23, 24, 25.