Friday, August 25, 2017

Oh Tokyo!

Perhaps this will come as a surprise but I didn’t like Japan AT FIRST as most people do. I guess I wasn’t into the whole electronics and anime which is dominant in Japan. The weather didn’t serve as well either as it was raining for the entire 2 – 3 days. What a bummer. But nonetheless I did enjoy the food and shopping which we did much later in our trip and oh we did lots of arcade games as well. Here are some of the highlights

12 – 19 Aug 2017

·       Went up to Tokyo Tower and saw the amazing night view
·       Joined the free walking tour and went around Akihabara, Oeno and a shrine
·       Visited Asakusa Temple, Disney Sea and Dentsu Isobar HQ
·       Had lunch with the Dentsu Isobar HQ team near Tsukiji Market
·       Played arcade games at Shinjuku and won Doremon and Hello Kitty dolls
·       Took those kawaii photos at the photo booth
·       Ate yakitori at a traditional Japanese dining at Shinjuku
·       Had lunch and drinks with Mama Bea and Ken
·       Went around Roponggi hills, Shibuya and Harajuku
·       Ate all the traditional Japanese food on our list (Ramen, Sushi, Takoyaki etc)