Wednesday, September 06, 2017

I Want You To Remember This: You Are Loved

Hey Sweetheart,

I know we just spoke last night but I just want you to remember this. You are loved and I am here with you. I know how you feel and I understood it. We've been through so much haven't we? I've seen you happy, sad and times when you felt uncertain in life. I was there to talk you into it and out of it and constantly remind you of how beautiful and amazing you are.

I've seen how you were in every relationship and let me tell you this, you are worth every love there is in the world. You humble yourself down when needed and you held yourself up high when you should. You are selfless and you're willing to sacrifice even your own happiness for the person you love most. And if no guy sees that well they aren't worthy of you, of any part of you.