Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Change is Uncomfortable

As cliche as this may sound we all know it's valid. Change is uncomfortable whether it's imposed upon us or something we want to do for ourselves. I must admit I struggle with this a number of times; from my diet to exercise to work place you name it, it's all but change and it's something I need to face head on.

But the thing that strikes me the most is not about how we are to face it but rather how change can serve us well if we learn to how to recognise and embrace it for what it is. There are several things I want to do like study yoga, take an ancestry DNA test, build a company that contributes to a charitable organization or simply updating my resume and start applying for a new job. I haven't taken the time to do any of these because I consider it as a change to my daily routine. There are several action steps on these and I have been procrastinating for the longest time. Can anyone of you relate with me on that?