Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I'm One Of The Lucky Few

I'm back in my hometown as I'm writing this and the other day we visited the school I spend 14 years of my life. I saw the old apartment that I used to stay at during lunch breaks, the restaurants I used to eat at and familiar faces that is still there since forever.  As I observe the people around me I realise there are 2 kinds of Filipino Chinese middle class parents. One is where they are happy and contented with where they are at and one is where they wanted to have better lives for their kids thus moving to a better place, planning their kids future etc.

I'm one of the lucky few to have the latter and that's when I realise how blessed I am. I never experience hardships in life, everything was provided and my parents make sure we have all that we need and more. They decided for me to move to Singapore and at that time, I don't see the need because I was contented with where I am. They knew better thus I am where I am because of their love and support. They set the road and now it's up to me to nurture and move even further.