Wednesday, November 08, 2017

A Life of Abundance

rain, city, and snow image

I was reading my devotion yesterday and the message prompts me to reflect on what had happened thus far this year. It said that when God takes something away from you, trust that He will give you a life of abundance and that's exactly what happened to me. I was intending to move to Toronto once all my documents are settled but due to some circumstances it didn't push through. As broken as I was I chose to let it go and trust that it will all be okay.

Looking backI realize how true the passage was. He took away my opportunity to move to Toronto and replaced it with unforgettable experiences. I met the love of my life, when to places I've never been before, got the opportunity to visit back home, to travel to Japan - a country I've always wanted to visit by never got the chance to and to cap it off a plan to travel to Europe during the holidays. It blows my mind how blessed I was. and indeed God is true to His words and He never fails.