Thursday, November 09, 2017


After nearly a decade of writing my thoughts in here I realise I've just kept record of my 20s. Wow and I just did that unconsciously. We've seen and heard people keeping a journal here and there but most of us never see the value in it. To be honest, I was one of them. I attempted to do the whole One Line A Day thing about 2 years ago and ended up giving up after 5 months. I just don't understand how people do it. Little did I know the method I was doing was wrong. I realize you need to allow yourself to write freely when you want to and not be sucked up in a system you have to follow, much like how I always have with this blog. Now that I'm entering my 30s in 8 months time, I know it's still a long way to go, I'll keep doing what I'm doing but I'm adding 2 more things.

Keep photos of the highlights of my month. I started this in July and it's so fun to see actual photographs of memories I enjoy the most.

Do the 365 questions everyday starting today. I'm a little skeptical with this just because I tried doing One Line A Day and it drained the hell out of me. But then again maybe this time it will be different since it's going to be 365 different questions for the entire year.

Can you imagine keeping records of your life for an entire decade and looking back at them when you're older? How amazing will that be?