Monday, January 22, 2018

Create The World You Want

I'm trying to keep a positive thought here as I've been wallowing too much on things that are unnecessary. I had a good sleep this last night and woke up with a positive note. Spend a bit of time reading my devotion and having breakfast. As I pause for a moment before I head out of the door I realize there's a few things that haven't change with me.

I still enjoy being in a creative environment. I enjoy arts and crafts, colours, literatures, all the things that makes me wonder and feel happy at the same time. Unfortunately, my work right now doesn't allow me to do that and it sucks how I came from a creative agency down to where my work focuses on media. It pays the bills and the environment allows flexibility but it doesn't fulfil me.

Something has to change but I tend to hold back. I don't know.