Tuesday, February 06, 2018

100 Things To Do In 1001 Days

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I've attempted to do this before but it wasn't something that's well thought out. But now I had sometime and made a full 100 list to do in 1001 days. Credit goes to Design Darling of course for coming up with this!

Start Date: 6 Feb 2018
End Date: 3 Nov 2020

Arts and Classes 
1. Study art class
2. Try pottery class
3. Learn calligraphy
4. Take a fashion course
5. Attend a floral arrangement class
6. Attend a wine class
7. Attend a cocktail mixing class
8. Do yoga teacher training
9. Knit a throw blanket
10. Complete a new painting
11. Make a piece of art aside from painting
12. Write a short story series at Wattpad
13. Complete a 500 piece puzzle
14. Complete a lego puzzle
15. Complete 3x adult colouring books
16. Complete my 20's entry in Wattpad
17. Go to a book signing event
18. Attend at least 3 creative mornings session
19. Learn to play a musical instrument
20. Complete 5 DIY items on Pinterest
21. Complete 1 year of photo art journal
22. Go to 3 free outdoor events in Singapore (sports etc.)

Fitness and Wellness
23. Floss everyday for 30 days
24. Be a vegan for a month
25. Do hot yoga for a month
26. Go wall climbing
27. Meditate everyday for 21 days
28. Finish 12 weeks of Kyla Itsines workout
29. Complete a Lauren Gleisberg workout
30. Workout 5x a week for a month
31. Learn headstand
32. Take a boxing class
33. Go on a wellness retreat
34. Go for a full medical exam
35. Establish a proper skin care routine (serums and eye cream)
36. Get my cavity fix
37. Get LASIK eye surgery
38. Do a food intolerance check
39. Do DNA test
40. Get down to 45kg

41. Bake a pie
42. Make my own pasta
43. Bake a cake
44. Bake guilt free brownies
45. Cook a Filipino food
46. Make a lasagna
47. Bake a bread
48. Bake a banana bread
49. Cooked at least 10 new vegan dish
50. Cook at least 3 dishes from each of the cook books I own

51. Visit 3 new countries
52. Travel to 10 new places I've never been before
53. Stay in a hostel
54. See a snow
55. Watch the Brooklyn sunset
56. Go on a cruise
57. Walk along the beach of south america
58. Take a trip with another couple

59. Go 1 month without shopping unless it's a necessity
60. Invest in a health insurance
61. Invest money
62. Start a retirement plan
63. Put $10 dollars for every goal accomplished

64. Establish a freelance writing portfolio job
65. Launch The Thrift Project
66. Get a job in fashion

Just For Fun
67. Run 5k with boyfriend
68. Watch a movie under the stars
69. Have a picnic with boyfriend
70. Attend an art fair
71. Try a new hair colour
72. Host a house party
73. Host a holiday party
74. Organize a cloths swapping event
75. Go on a hot air balloon ride
76. Go on a helicopter ride
77. Go horseback riding
78. Go parasailing
79. Go zip lining
80. Go to a zoo
81. Volunteer in a church
82. Donate to a charity
83. Do a fund raising event
84. Purchase something for a good cause
85. Watch 5 indie movies
86. Complete 3 freeform series that I love and enjoy
87. Watch a broadway show
88. Watch a circus show
89. Write a letter to myself and open it on my 35 birthday
90. Finish reading the bible
91. No purchasing of clothes for 6 months
92. No makeup buying for 6 months
93. Try a food truck food
94. Visit 10 new restaurants in Singapore
95. Watch a sports games live
96. Buy a vintage camera
97. Purchase a photo printer
98. Read a When Breath Becomes Air
99. Read a Haruki Murakami book
100. Do a 3 day juice cleanse
101. Complete this list