Sunday, February 11, 2018

Officially Becoming A Vegan

Yesterday 10 Feb 2018 was the day I officially decided to become a vegan. Why? A number of reasons.

1) I don't usually eat meat because I can't digest a huge amount of it and I find that my body respond better on eating plant-based foods. Even cooking raw meat and fish is disgusting to me.

2) I discovered I'm lactose intolerant in 2016.

3). It's something I've constantly dilly-dallying about but never fully committed to. I've posted a entry Can I Really Be Vegan? and Veganism in 2016.

4) I've read enough information in the past and watch other Youtubers their story, reasons and experiences and it really made me think twice.

5) This video "Best Speech You'll Have Hear" solidifies it. Gary mentioned that we practice compassion and love to each other but why can't we do the same thing to animals.

6) Went to Singapore Zoo yesterday for the first time and I can't stomach eating another living animal.

Actually I've tried going Vegan for a week 2016 but it was the cheese that I couldn't give up and I didn't have a big reason why I should change my diet. Now I know more and 2018 is the year I'll make veganism a goal.