Sunday, November 04, 2018

Be The Person You Want To Meet (In My 30s)

When I was 24 I wrote a post about being the person you want to meet.  Reading back on it now, I realise how I was into the idea of lavish and luxury and in truth, I kind of live that life. But as I've gotten older my perspective changes and I learned to value what matters most. Though reading that post makes me realise that there are things that haven't change such as:

1. Eats healthy food and limits her sugar intake
2. Workout to keep her body in tip top shape
3. Values quality over quantity
4. Reads novels to broaden her imagination and widen her perspective

So who is this person that I want to meet?
1. A vegan
2. Workout to keep her body healthy
3. Has as creative side project 
4. Calm and collected