Friday, December 28, 2018

A Look Back On 2018

2018 was definitely a year of creativity. I explored a lot of new things not only on my creative side but also on my personal development; lots practice, patience and self care. So what were my highlights of 2018?

1. Moved in with the love of my life on 1 March 2018 and hosted our first housewarming.
2. Became vegan but I'm more vegetarian (there is that gray area and I'm working on becoming fully vegan 2019)
3. Completed 100 miles challenge by Tone It Up.
4. Went to Singapore Zoo for the first time.
5. Tried colouring, knitting, learning mandarin and tarot cards, yoga teacher training, boxing and barre.
6. I can finally do a headstand (with a wall) and a split.
7. Did my first 24 hour fast.
8. Did 5K Hello Kitty Run with my boyfriend.
9. Travelled to Bangkok 2x, Ho Chi Min, Danang, St Petersburg, Moscow and Seoul.
10. Patch up with my parents
11. My sister gave birth to handsome baby Seby. I have a nephew!

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