To A Home That Once Was Ours
Wednesday, March 27, 2019
To A Home That Once Was Ours

As we pack our stuff and slowly bid farewell to a home that once was ours, all these fragments of memories we've made and shared are pieces that we'll take with us, pieces that will take me to you whenever I miss you…

  • - In the morning when silence is greeted with playful hugs and kisses.
  • - At night where I welcome your warm embrace, wrapping me with comfort and love.

You are my home, my shelter and my safe ground. Keeping me soaring high yet grounded, at peace with your heart in my mine and my hand to yours. This is the home where we've learned so much about each other, where we were challenged and now we're moving forward to a life that is richer, more beautiful and filled with adventure.

You've always have me. Even before you found me, you already have me. I promise to be strong, to love you and stand by you now more than ever. You will always have a home in me darling, always. 

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