Thursday, October 31, 2019

Thank You Singapore

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Okay this is giving me goosebumps. I may not have written an entry when I first moved to Singapore in 2009 but I did wrote an entry when I moved to a new apartment in 2011. It's been a decade and I can't believe I'm still writing my thoughts here. And honestly I don't plan to stop anytime soon, though I am thinking of starting an art journal, still I won't abandon this.

I'm moving to London next week and tomorrow is officially my last day of work! Wow I'm just having a flashback on my time in this country. I lived here for a decade and that saids something. This is the place where I:

- First dreamed to move to another country
-  Married the love of my life
- Got my first full time job
- Bought my first designer bag - Philip Lim Pashli 
- Went to Europe for the first time. London to be exact 
- Lived on my own then later moved in with my boyfriend who is now my husband.
- Worked for a big company
- Really got into fitness
- Stopped eating meat and so much more.

Thank you Singapore for the dreams, for the love of my life and for leading me to London. I'm forever thankful for all of these wonderful, memorable and life changing experience.

Goodbye Singapore. I will see you another time.